Bbooster Ventures

More than 5 years investing in startups

Founded in 2010 by investors and entrepreneurs, Bbooster Ventures created the first Spanish accelerator for driving new ideas that base their business model on the Internet and within mobile applications .It currently has two venture capital firms, which invest in startups in different stages:

Sinensis, is the only capital risk fund regulated in Southern Europe with an acceleration program integrated into it. Since it is inception, it has helped launch 60 new projects that have generated more than 250 jobs. Some of the companies who began their program with just a concept, are now worth millions of euros. Companies like,, Mr Jeff or, resulted from the #1 Accelerator in Spain. Sinensis each year, through Bbooster's acceleration program supports between 14 and 18 new technology projects. These viable companies jump into the market for four months as financed constituted corporations that reinvest up to €200,000 in later stages.

Bbooster-Dyrecto invests up to €400,000 in companies that are in their later stages of development. Through weekly contest called Bbooster Weeks, Internet startups with around €100,000 gross margin in the last 6-12 months, are selected to invest in them in several rounds. Four Bbooster Weeks are held annually, to invest in an average of 6 startups.

How do Bbooster Ventures work?

Seed Capital
Set up from more than 35 investors, the last couple years Sinensis has invested in over 50 companies. In the first rounds €40,000 are invested, and the fund has the opportunity to reinvest up to €200,000 in later stages.
Bbooster-Dyrecto has 8.8 million euros of capital and is a tool intended to help invest up to € 400,000 in companies who are scaling. The startups will receive the investment during competition weeks, called Bbooster Week
Bbooster LAB
from 0 to 5K / month
A specially designed co-working space for startups with revenue up to 10K/yr. During a four month acceleration program alongside 8 companies startups receive mentoring, contacts, and the opportunity to apply lean methodologies. This creates amazing opportunities and everything you need to get the most traction out of your startup.
Bbooster Week
from 100K / year
There are 4 Bbooster Weeks on annual basis organized around Spain. The selected companies must have at least a revenue of €100,000 over the last six months. Through the Bbooster Week we will invest in 5 startups a year.

The team

This is the team that helps at different startup stages.

Enrique Penichet

Our FEO, the most versatile person of the Team with lots of industry contacts, defines Bbooster Ventures strategy and encourages new projects.

Macarena Poletti

Organization Personified, she structures the supporting investors of the acceleration program, also she's the key to carrying out finance rounds.

Raquel Bernal

Experience is the best school, and Raquel knows what's going through the different stages of a startup, her knowledge is key to the development of projects.

Victor Donet Peris

Programmers right hand, an expert in growth hacking, a strong support in online marketing and in creation of MVP.

Toni Sanchis

Marketing encompasses all aspects of your company with him you’ll be able to analyze it from every perspective, to accomplish the traction objectives.

Hortensia Espiritu

Communicate is her passion, native on social networking and public relations, she makes possible that the world knows us.

The lab

Our office.

Our LAB is located in Valencia's heart, which is the leading city in startups and accelerators of Spain. Bbooster has one of the most extensive entrepreneur’s ecosystems in the country, and great training access.

Located near Parque del Turia, facilities consist on open work space, in which the daily acceleration activity takes place; a common space for industry events, both private and public; and an annexed coworking.

All these features, combined with the fantastic time in the city and the proximity of leisure activities help produce the most creative and motivational environment for entrepreneurs.