Bbooster Week

Get up to €100,000 for your startup in 5 days

What are Bbooster weeks?

Bbooster week is an event for the selection and investment of the best startups nationwide. 6 to 8 startups are selected to take part in tests and workshops within the duration of 5 days. On the last day, a winner is selected and awarded with the amount of €100,000 including all the benefits attached to the Bbooster investment fund.

How can I participate?

You ought to be an internet and/or a mobile application startup with a reccurent revenue between €10,000 and €100,000 in the past few months

When does Bbooster weeks take place?

The event lasts 5 days. It starts on Monday the 5th of March and ends with the winners being selected on Wednesday the 8th of March.

Calendar activities.

Enjoy a week designed to improve your business activities.

  • 1100


  • 1115

    Be an investor for a day

  • 1230

    Company review

  • 1400


  • 1700

    Company review

  • 1900


  • 930

    Explanation and practice pitch combat

  • 1030

    Company review

  • 1400


  • 1500

    Company review

  • 1630

    Financing and taxation in the canary island (JC, Proexca and Sodecan)

  • 1830

    Net & Beer in Pitch Combat & Dinner

  • 930

    Pitch inspiration

  • 1030

    Work on your pitch

  • 1400


  • 1600

    One to one investors/proexca

  • 1900

    Beers & Dinner

  • 930

    Startup extreme

  • 1400


  • 1530

    One to one

  • 1730

    Investors round table

  • 1800

    Tenerife ecosystem round table

  • 930

    Start the preparation of the pitch

  • 1000

    Questionnaire feedback startups

  • 1130

    Guest accreditation

  • 1145

    Welcome Proexca

  • 1200

    Present the investment commitee

  • 1400

    Selecting the winners

Team organizer

Professionals with extensive experience at your disposal at the event.

Macarena Poletti

Macarena Poletti

Portfolio Manager en Sinensis Seed Capital SCR.

Jaime Cavero

Jaime Cavero

Business angel, experto en finaciación de empresas, emprendedor.

Enrique Penichet

Enrique Penichet

Socio Fundador en Bbooster.

Jesús Borrás

Victor Donet

Growth hacker en Bbooster.

Raquel Bernal

Raquel Bernal

Project Manager en Bbooster.

Hortensia Espiritu

Hortensia Espiritu

Dircom en Bbooster.

Mercedes Morera

Margaret Perchik

Venture Capital Investor at MMC Ventures.

shmuel bornstein

Shmuel Bornstein

Business Development and Finance Associate at OurCrowd.

Álvaro Sanz

Jordi Safont

General Partner en Lanzame Capital SL.

Alexei Tuknov

Alexei Tuknov

Investment Director at Maxfield Capital.

Useful information

Check out the most important details of the event.

  • Why should I attend?

    For the opportunity to receive direct investment, while achieving visibility to new investors and to be able to receive expert advice.

    Bbooster has already invested in more than 50 Internet startups. You would therefore enter into an ecosystem of already succesful existing companies worth millions.

  • How can I sign up?

    Once registered, you must fill out the registration form inside the platform. The purpose of this form is to know your project a little better. Once completed and submitted, we will contact you for an interview and select you. After this, it is just a matter of packing up and spending a great week in the Canary Islands at Bbooster Week.

  • Where can I find accomodation?

    Contact us to discuss your options.

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Place of the event

  • TF CoworkIN
  • +34 96 359 11 02