Bbooster Ventures

Venture Capital Funds Manager, we were born in 2010 as the first startup accelerator in Spain, and after 6 years supporting the initiatives, and with a much more mature market, we decided to take the next step and invest in start-ups that started to traction, always with special focus on those that have overcome an acceleration process.
We are the first Venture Capital that enters the round, our objective is to help you close the round resulting fund anchor, that is, through a convertible loan, so that companies can continue traction, and getting metrics disposing of the money from the beginning.
Through Draper Venture Network, we want to help the startup to internationalize, get great clients and next rounds, and thanks to our past as an accelerator, our multidisciplinary team supports everything the startup may need.
Seed Capital
Formed by more than 35 investors, it has invested in more than 70 companies. It is currently in the phase of disinvestment. His investment included a 4-month acceleration program, called Bbooster Lab
8.8 million euros. Launched in 2017, with the aim of investing up to €400,000 later stages startups. The investment is made through convertible notes, and is decided at the end of the Bbooster Week.
Our beginning, it was a 4 months acceleration process, that included coworking space, mentoring, contacts, lean methodologies’ application, and everything that the startup could need
Between three and four Bbooster Weeks are held annually at different national points. The final check of our Due Diligence, a week full of activities focused on knowing each other better and deciding the investment.

The team

Enrique Penichet

Our FEO, the most versatile person of the Team with lots of industry contacts, defines Bbooster Ventures strategy and encourages new projects.

Macarena Poletti

The Finance. The organization personified, she structures the funds investors, she is also the key to carry out the financing rounds. She helps our invested startups with issues such as pricing, or cash flow.

Raquel Bernal

The Scouter. She was the Acceleration Program Manager; now she is responsible for screening deal flow. Entrepreneur born, knowing what it feels like being on the other side, is key to making the startup selection.

Victor Donet Peris

The «techi». Entrepreneur, growth hacking and lean startup methodologies lover. He knows how to clean straw products, so they become true technology.

Hortensia Espiritu

Communicate is her passion, native on social networking and public relations, she makes possible that the world knows us.

Elena Company

The legal. She previously worked at one of the leading law firms in Spain, Broseta Abogados. Agile executing, with great experience in startups. Key to outline the term sheets.