Beneficios y Partners

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Receive up to 120k$ in IBM Cloud (Blumix, Softlayer)

Program currently includes the following IBM Cloud services: Infrastructure as a Service (SoftLayer): Bare Metal, Virtual, and Hybrid Cloud servers; GPUs, CPUs, Bandwidth, storage, and more. And Platform as a Service (BlueMix), including: Watson on Bluemix; Performance Management on Bluemix.

Get fees waived for transaction volume up to $20K

Program benefits include: 0% fee for European /non-European cards payments up to 20k of transaction volume; and a complete commerce toolkit built by developers: Collecting payment details: checkout, stripe.js & elements, iOS, Android, Saving cards; Charges: creating charges, declines & failed payments, disputes & fraud, refunds, receiving Payouts, supported currencies; and Sources: payment methods, best practices, sources & customers, connect platforms.

Free CRM + 90% off HubSpot Marketing and Sales Software

Program benefits include: HubSpot CRM Free to manage your contacts, leads pipeline, and customers ; 90% off HubSpot’s Marketing Starter, Pro, or Enterprise software, and HubSpot Sales Pro software, for the first 12 months, and 50% off for the next 12 months (Up to $40,000 savings over 2 years); Startup Onboarding with tech set-up (reduced one-time $300 cost), dedicated strategy consulting, and round-the-clock support; and access to world-class inbound marketing and sales training, education, and experts.

Get up to $120,000 of free Azure cloud services

Microsoft Azure supports a broad set of operating systems, languages, and frameworks—including Node.js, MongoDB, Linux, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Hadoop, and, of course, Windows, SQL Server, and .NET. Program benefits include: A one year program, BizSpark puts all Microsoft development and test software at your fingertips, including Azure, Windows, Visual Studio, Office and SQL Server for free. Plus, enjoy access to hundreds of free training classes, technical content, and 4 break-fix phone support incidents to help you on your journey.

12 months of Sendgrid´s Pro. Get over 300,000 emails a month for free

program benefits include: Email Deliverability: Includes Pro 100k plan, allowing you to send up to 100K emails per month. (Valued at $79.95 per month / $959 per year); and Load Testing: Free 6 month access to to stress test your web­apps & apis with thousands of concurrent connections. Make sure you can handle demo day traffic with ease! (Valued at $50 per month / $300 half a year)

Banc Sabadell: Cuenta gratuita para tu empresa, sin comisiones

Sin comisiones de administración ni mantenimiento. Transferencias nacionales y a países de la EEE gratuitas. Condiciones especiales de TPV. Cuota anual gratuita. Tarjetas de crédito y débito gratuitas.

First 12 months discount

Per transaction 0.7% (Maximum €1) on direct billing payments, and 80% discount on Pro services. Also free implementation services, client creation and refunds.

30% Descuento en tus traducciones web

Get 30% off discount on one of the leading platforms in the translation market. Their translations are suitable for any type of translation: web, expert and Premium.

Receive up to $15,000 in AWS Promotional Credit and other benefits

Program benefits include: $10,000 in AWS Promotional Credit valid for 2 years; 1 year of AWS Business Support (up to $5,000); Access to the AWS Technical and Business Essentials web-based (or instructor-led) training ($600 value per course), 80 credits for Self-Paced Labs($80 value); and AWS Activate Toolbox with offers for Amazon Payments and Amazon Marketplace.

First €50,000 free of Braintree charge Special pricing

Expertise: General office hours/workshops; Topic-specific office hours; and Technical office hours. Direct Support & Advise: Direct contact with our different teams in the UK and across Europe; Technical advice from our solution engineers; and General advice on how to optimize your checkout experience. Products: zero SDK product, Paypal & Onetouch, Recurring billing

Spark package which includes 20K in credits

This includes $20,000 in Cloud and Firebase credit, access to Google engineers for office hours, and invitations to exclusive local events. Submit an application to enroll in the Cloud Startup Program. You may also be eligible for a discount on G Suite